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"There is a potential for a powerful moment, when you put Bella Star next to a wounded solider.  Bella shows you a good and joyous life is not dependent on how many limbs you possess."

At four months old, Bella Star was a neglect-case.  She had epilepsy and a badly infected broken leg.  Thankfully, she was picked up by an Animal Control officer.  To save her life, the decision was made to amputate her left hind leg.  During her two month recovery time, Bella met a lady named Cat Kaisler.  They became friends, and Cat adopted Bella.  They immediately began to train together, working on Bella’s three remaining legs.  They earned an AKC Canine Good Citizen Certification.  They got Bella certified as a Therapy Dog through Therapy Dog International.  Bella and Cat became a team. 

It's in my heart

Cat and Bella started a reading tent, going to events where children would read books to Bella.  You’ll find them at events around the Hampton Roads area of Virginia.  They recently set up the tent at the Norfolk Wellness Center and the 17th Street Stage at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront.  Bella enjoyed having all the children read her books.  Cat had a great time helping the children read.  They regularly visit children at a local school for children with Autism, located in Suffolk.  Children at the school delivered, in unison, a great message to Bella.  They said, “When you meet someone different, treat them the same.” 

Cat and Bella are part of the Wounded Warrior Therapy Dog Team, visiting soldiers at the Naval Station Norfolk USO, where Bella is a favorite.  Cat was recently interviewed by a Navy Mid-Atlantic publication.  She was quoted as saying, "When I was looking to adopt, I was looking to do therapy work specifically for the military.  I am the daughter of a military family and it's just my way of giving back."  Truly, Cat and Bella continue to give their time and love to the military.

If you would like to help Cat and Bella continue their good work, email them at:

"Everybody likes them, they help out a lot," said Aviation Electrician 2nd Class Ernest Lozano, who is part of the Wounded Warrior program and a volunteer at USO. "They make a difference to someone who is coming back from deployment - a lot of them haven't petted a dog in a long time. I look forward to Wednesdays when they come by. Bella is really just full of energy and love." – The Flagship

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