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Bella Star has not been known to wear a spaghetti strap shirt.  But, her good buddy Cat loves to wear them often.  So, inspired by Cat “I love spaghetti straps” Kaisler.  We offer you…The Official Bella Star spaghetti strap shirt.  Anytime Bella sees you wearing her logo shirt, you are guaranteed to get a big happy dog-lick kiss from her.  Who knows – maybe Cat will give you a dog-lick kiss too, just for wearing her favorite style of shirt.

Introducing: the classic spaghetti strap

Nothing says Hipster more than wearing a shirt nobody has discovered yet.  You can proudly wear this shirt and say, “Bella Star.  I bet you haven’t discovered that gem yet!”  While others are still wearing yester-year’s t-shirt adorned with cats wearing sunglasses, you will be WAY ahead of the fashion world.  Blaze your own new fashion trail with this shirt, not found at any mall.

Introducing: the hipster tee

Introducing: the vintage brown bag


Introducing: the bella mug


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